Hope still remains for Boonville Bakery

Once Flowers Foods acquired many of the former Hostess Brands Bakery sites earlier this summer, including the Boonville facility, the question remained if the bakery would ever reopen.
This week Flowers held a conference call with their investors to announce their quarter two earnings. During the call the company said it was adding many of the former Hostess bread brands to its portfolio and would introduce them into the markets previously served by Hostess.
They cited demand for the brands and the familiarity customers have with them as the current move they are undertaking.
Furthermore, they stated since the facilities are strategically located, they may open them up again as demand increased for those products.
The company stated at this point they are able to meet consumer demand.
The Boonville Hostess Bakery has been closed since mid-November of 2012. Over 300 jobs in Boonville were lost because of the bakery closure.