Lightning strike prompts evacuation

A Tuesday morning fire prompted a complete evacuation of Lakeview Healthcare on Ashley Road.
The Boonville Fire Department was called to Lakeview after lightning struck the eve of the south wing roof early this morning.
"All preliminary findings point to a lightning strike, which ran a couple different directions in the south wing," Boonville Fire Chief Tim Carmichael said.
Lakeview Healtcare Administrator Karen Burns said the first thing staff did was to begin evacuating the south wing. Once it was deemed necessary to evacuate the rest of the building, they promptly did so.
Burns said some residents went to Ashley Manor Care Center and to the Knights of Columbus Hall down the road.
Burns said no residents were injured and plan to have them back soon once the smoke is cleared. She also wanted to thank the fire department and the area nursing homes who assisted in providing temporary care for the Lakeview residents.