People’s Food Guild on track to feed 100 families

The People's Food Guild has now fed 94 families with produce grown on six gardens throughout the community. The food is free to people within the community and has helped the elderly, especially as living expenses keep rising.
Roger Harris, who moved to Missouri from Oregon, is so amazed by the long growing season in Missouri, he is now planting a double crop. This crop will provide more food for the guild to distribute to families in need.
"This year has gone better than expected," Harris said. "The weather has been perfect. The temperature has been perfect."
Already this year they have harvested pounds and pounds of potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini, squash and even pumpkins already.
Once the vegetables are harvested and sorted, Harris will load them into a hand-made wagon where he takes and delivers the food to the families who have requested the produce.
For visitors, both Harrises said no one leaves without a bag of food.
Earlier in the year the Harris' were having difficulty providing water to a garden on 11th Street. With the help of Boonville Building Inspector Steve Hage and Boonville City employee Guy Kaiser water is delivered whenever the guild needs it in 55 gallon containers.
Harris explained he was giving food to an elderly woman who was having trouble affording food and medicine at the same time. He said she told him she can now afford medicine because of the food being given to her from the guild.
Although the gardens have done well, vandalism occurred during the summer. Harris said neighbors have been keeping an eye on the gardens and actually helped single out the vandals and thieves. Upon talking to the individuals partaking in the vandalism Harris explained what the gardens were. Those individuals are now helping maintain the gardens.
"They are here every morning ready to work on the gardens," Harris said.  
The guild is always looking for additional volunteers to help maintain the gardens.
The guild will expand their reach by assisting community members in Speed and Bunceton. A greenhouse was donated to the guild, making the possibility for a winter garden.