Boonville ready to discuss Highway 87 annexation

The Boonville City Council discussed further details of annexing 327 acres along the Highway 87 corridor at their Monday evening meeting.
Boonville City Counselor and City Planner Megan McGuire asked to make the special meeting regarding the annexation vote for August 26.
"The council wanted to have three readings of this bill with a special public hearing on August 19," McGuire said.
McGuire said she expects good feedback from the hearing and special meeting.
Boonville Ward Two Councilman Noah Heaton asked McGuire about the limit of animals once an annexation occurred. Heaton asked about the people who currently have more animals than the city allows or animals the city does not allow within the city limits. McGuire said they would not be affected by the annexation and said the city would not go and tell them they need to get rid of excess dogs or cats.
In further news, Heaton said Marsha Drennon resigned her Kemper Campus partnership with the city because of health reasons. Drennon was going to provide business and fundraising services to the city for purposes of getting more tenants into the Kemper Campus.
"I think it was a blow to the city because she would have made a wonderful partner concerning Kemper," Heaton said.
Boonville Mayor Julie Thacher said when she received the letter from Drennon, it was very disappointing.
Furthermore, the Boonville City Council voted to consider temporary street closure and parking restrictions from the Turner Hall River Rats for the Arts for September 7, 2013 and to consider temporary street closures and parking restrictions from the Chamber of Commerce for the Festival of Lights each Thursday in September. The council also accepted a bid from Frech Paving for the asphalt street repairs and overlays 2013.
The council heard the first reading of establishment of the Tax Levy for fiscal year 2013-2014 and authorized a contract with the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission for a partial parallel taxiway at Jesse Viertel Memorial Airport. Boonville City Administrator Irl Tessendorf said the city will only have to come up with a low percentage of the cost of this project while the rest is covered by the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission. Boonville citizen Marylyn Meine said the airport is a vital part of the community. She said the hangers are filled with individuals on a waiting list  for hanger space as well. Meine added the main administration building at the airport needs some work and repair and possibly moved to a better service location. Meine believes action needs to be taken on this matter.