Concerned citizens to speak to MoDOT commission

Concerned Lamine area citizens will be taking their case to the Missouri Department of Transportation Commission after MoDOT released revised plans to the current plan of placing the Highway 41 Lamine River Bridge in the footprint of the current bridge.
These concerned citizens state placing the bridge in its current location is only asking for trouble. They cite safety as their number one reason to move the bridge a little to the west, therefore making site distance better.
MoDOT has raised concerns regarding the extra cost of building a new bridge in a new location, which may cost an additional $800,000 or more. They believe they can spend the money in other much needed places.
Area resident Mike Hurn said he understands the economic climate and said MoDOT has to do a lot with very little. He said he, along with the citizens of the Lamine area, would work with MoDOT to accomplish something everyone can be pleased with.
Although the revised plan MoDOT released in early July did little to curve the idea the bridge needs a location, residents want the bridge to last another 100 years.
"We continue to work on this very hard. The bottom line is we think it is a poor use of tax payer money to put a new two million dollar bridge in a problematic location that has got safety issues on both ends when there is a better way," concerned citizen Ted Litton said.
Litton said a presentation will be constructed to be shown to the commission on August 7 during their monthly meeting.
"This presentation will cite exact distances as they have been determined. We will also talk about the revised MoDOT plans, which were released earlier this month," Litton said.
Recently MoDOT has cleaned off a bank on the southern approach to the bridge to help increase site distance. Litton said the site distance has not improved. To him, it is exactly the same as it was before.
After presenting their case to the Cooper County Commission, the concerned citizens also presented their case to Transportation Advisory Committee of the Mid-Missouri Regional Planning Commission. This commission makes spending and priority recommendations to MoDOT.
The citizens took a reading of their petitions and were pleasantly made aware of several hundreds of people have signed the petition. The petitions are once again available at area restaurants.  
Videos of MoDOT's revised plans can be found at