Cooper County Youth Fair Baby Contest winners

Overall Girl: Jordyn Schrech
Parents: Morgan and Sean Schrech of Boonville
Overall Boy: Alex Shay
Parents: Heather and David Shay of Boonville
0-6 months girls
First place: Alaina Kennell
Parents Amber Soderberg and David Kennell of Columbia
Second place: Ally Franklin Scott
Parents: Courtney and Brick Scott of Boonville
Third place: Alyian Riley
Parents: Breanne Clubb and Lain Riley of Boonville
0-6 months boys
First place: Bryson Franklin Myers
Parents: Georgio Myers and Brittany Franklin of Boonville
Second place: Grayson Mayfield
Parents: Jimmie and Amanda Mayfield of Pilot Grove
Third place: Atticus Friedrich
Parents: Lindsey Lee and August Friedrich or Boonville
6 months-1 year Girls
First place: Jordyn Schreck
Parents: Morgan and Sean Schreck of Boonville
Second place: Haidyn
Parents: Chad Kennedy and Jami McKenney of Boonville
Third place: Jazillyn
Parents: Krystal Batson and Aubrey Blankenship of Boonville
6 months-1 year Boys
First place: Jayse McCulloch
Parents: Megan Walters and Nick McCulloch of Boonville
Second place: Miles Oswald
Parents: Jesse and Kristen Oswald of Boonville
Third place: Tristan Schuster
Parents: Sandi and Jeremy Schuster of Boonville
1-2 year Girls
First place: Peyton Boyer
Parents: Brad and Amy Boyer of Columbia
Second place: Lillyan Coope
Parents: Priscilla Coope and John Blank of Pilot Grove
Third place: Addalia Saylor
Parents: Robin and Kyle Saylor of New Franklin
1-2 year Boys
First place: Alex Shay
Parents: Heather and David Shay of Boonville
Second place: Noah Kammerich
Parents: Chris and Kate Kammerich of Blackwater
Third place tie: Will Hackman
Parents: Jason and Angie Hackman of Boonville
Jack Day
Parents: Travis Day and Shelley Vogt of Fayette
2-3 year Girls
First place: Addyson Goetze
Parents: Mary and Mike Goetze of Boonville

Third place: Brooklynn Jobe
Parents: Shelby Willette and Jacob Jobe of Boonville
Second place: Kailynn Butterfield
Parents: Katie Butterfield of Bunceton
2-3 year Boys
First place: Charles Knorp Schler
Parents: TJ and Liz Schler of Boonville
Second place: Bentley Stephans
Parents: Jamey and Chanda Stephans of Boonville
Third place: Liam McGuire
Parents: Newt and Shelbi McGuire of Boonville
3-4 year Girls
First place: Romi
Parents: Monty and Christy Stegner of Blackwater
Second place: MaKaylie Weaver
Parents: Michael and Lacey Weaver of Boonville
Third place: Brooklyn Franklin
Parents: Georgio Myers and Brittany Franklin of Boonville
3-4 year Boys
First place: Chase Langdon
Parent: Allison Haller of Boonville (Pictured with baby is Aunt Diana Durham)
Second place: Sean Scott
Parents: Matt and Amber Scott of Boonville
Third place: Brock Griffin
Parents: Lance and Kim Griffin of Boonville