The Windsor gymnasium has received a new look in the way of bleachers and floor.

After 10 years with the existing floor and over 20 years with the bleachers, the Windsor gymnasium will now include new seating, which is handicap compliant, along with a newly painted floor.

Specialize bleachers out of Lawrence, Kansas replaced the old bleachers with the new bleachers, which now goes past the mezzanine on the student side. As for the new floor, Malone Floor Company out of Oklahoma spent almost two weeks stripping the floor and then repainting the lines for basketball and volleyball. Stations for advanced P.E. were also added during the process. As for the floor itself, the Pirate is no longer in the center of the gymnasium but has been replaced with a giant "B". Something else new on both ends of the floor is the name: Boonville Pirates. Lastly, Fred Biesemeyer has also been placed on opposite ends of the gymnasium.

Student-athletes will get a first-hand look of the gymnasium during registration on August 1. Practice for fall sports, meanwhile, will begin on Monday, August 12th.