Boonville resident wants to bring additional options for clothing people to Boonville

Boonville resident Lisa Keel wants to bring additional clothing options for struggling individuals in Boonville by providing free clothes for families who can't afford to purchase them.
Currently Cooper County has options for struggling families, especially families who have fallen into situational poverty, which is caused when individuals lose their job or other circumstances, including health.
"There is situational poverty and it doesn't care who it strikes. Those people need help just as much as the rest of us do," Keel said.
"The options in Cooper County include Savvy Seconds, which provides vouchers to agencies in town, including CMCA, to give to families in need. Donna at Savvy Seconds sets the amount of the voucher. Also, there is the Clothes Closet which provides clothing at garage sale prices," Central Missouri Community Action Abby Lenger said.
Keel's idea would add to the current offerings and would allow struggling people to be able to borrow clothes.
Keel said individuals would be able to bring in clothes that no longer fit and exchange them for new ones. Keel and a group of volunteers would check out the donated clothes for any defects. They would then put them in rotation, meaning they could be picked up for other families.
"You could come in to pick a couple of outfits out, wear them a couple times and bring them back and choose another set of clothes," Keel said. "It opens up the door for so many people in Cooper County to have additional options," Keel said.
Since this is still an idea, Keel is seeking support from the community to get it started. Keel is beginning a business plan along with beginning the name registration process. She will also apply for a 501c3 status.
Keel's other objective is to get a building to operate in, which would include a volunteer base of people. Currently Keel is storing clothes in her garage but said her garage is not big enough to operate out of.
"I would like to team up with area organizations to assist in in getting people clothed. Even offering household items would be an addition I would like to offer later on," Keel said.
Keel said her target audience would be strictly Boonville at the beginning but she would like to expand to other communities as the supplies and space became available.
"Within a year's time I would like to broaden it out to involve the entire county," she said.
Individuals interested in learning more about Keel's idea can call  660-621-0823.
"Everyone I have talked to are very excited about it," Keel said.