The Boonslick Heartland YMCA Blue Marlins swim team hosted its second meet of the season Monday at the Boonville Lions Aquatic Center.
With five teams competing in the meet, the Marlins swim team more than held its own while capturing first place finishes in 58 individual events and 10 relays.
Centralia, Fayette, Jefferson City and Mexico also participated in the meet.
As for swimmers who were perfect on the evening, Colby Caton participated in the 7-8 age group and took first in the 25 back, 25 free, 25 breast, 100 free relay and 100 medley relay.
Carlie Daniel also competed in the 7-8 age group and placed first in the 25 free, first in the 25 fly, first in the 25 breast, first in the 100 free relay and first in the 100 medley relay.
Meanwhile, in the 13-14 age group, Bailey Magyard took first in the 50 back, first in the 50 free, first in the 50 fly, first in the 50 breast and first in the 200 free relay.
Results from the meet are as follows:
Mabry Caton, 25 free, first, 25 back, second.
(7-8 age group)
Ross Brackman, 25 back, 11th, 25 free, 11th; Max Eckerle, 25 fly, first; 25 free, third, 25 back, 10th; Marian Hoelscher, 25 free, fourth, 25 back, eighth; Ryan Jones, 25 back, fourth, 25 fly, fifth, 25 breast, fifth, 25 free, ninth; Lexie May, 25 fly, second, 25 breast, third, 25 back, fifth; Lydia Meller, 25 back, seventh, 25 free, seventh; Rayghan Skoufus, 25 back, second, 25 free, sixth; Olivia Wadeen, 25 free, seventh, 25 back, 13th.
(9-10 age group)
Jordan Brackman, 25 back, sixth, 25 free, eighth; Madeline Browning, 25 fly, third, 25 free, fifth, 25 back, eighth; Mikayla Gramlich, 100 free, fifth, 25 back, 10th, 25 free, 13th; Hailey James, 100 free, sixth, 25 free, 12th, 25 back, 13th; Kayla Maier, 25 breast, sixth, 25 free, 11th, 25 back, 11th; Kassidy Monteer, 25 fly, second, 25 free, second, 25 back, fourth; Vincent Runnebaum, 100 breast, fourth, 25 back, fourth, 25 free, eighth; Brant Whitaker, 25 free, first, 100 I.M., fourth, 25 breast, fourth.
(11-12 age group)
Olivia Conrow, 50 breast, eighth, 50 back, 11th, 50 free, 12th; Millie Dorman, 50 breast, fifth, 50 free, sixth, 50 back, seventh; Michael Runnebaum, 50 breast, second, 50 free, second, 100 free, fifth.
(13-14 age group)
Sammy Roberts, 50 fly, second, 50 free, second, 50 back, second; Kyleigh Skofus, 100 free, fourth, 50 free, fourth, 50 back, fourth.
(15-18 age group)
Rebecca Gramlich, 100 free, first, 50 free, first, 50 fly, second; Feona McMurry, 50 fly, first, 50 back, second, 50 free, third, 50 breast, third; Caitlyn Spoonmore, 50 breast, first, 50 back, first, 50 free, second.
Results of relays are as follows:
Mixed 8-and-under 100 free relay, Ross Brackman, Elijah Elliott, Colby Caton, Max Eckerle, first.
Girls 8-and-under 100 free relay, Rayghan Skoufus, Lexie May, Carlie Daniel and Morgan Wortmann, first.
Mixed 9-10 free relay, Brant Whitaker, Mikayla Gramlich, Kassidy Monteer and Madeline Browning, first.
Mixed 11-13 free relay, Jake Freidel, Kyleigh Skoufus, Olivia Conrow and Michael Runnebaum, first.
Girls 11-13 200 free relay, Shannon Wortmann, Amaris Bice, Anaiis Scheers and Millie Dorman, first.
Girls 14-18 200 free relay, Bailey Magyar, Caitlyn Spoonmore, Sammy Roberts and Rebecca Gramlich, first.
Mixed 8-and-under 100 medley relay, Colby Caton, Lexie May, Carlie Daniel and Max Eckerle, first.
Mixed 9-10 100 medley relay, Brant Whitaker, Vincent Runnebaum, Kayla Maier and Matthew Mangin, first.
Girls 9-10 100 medley relay, Mikayla Gramlich, Kassidy Monteer, Madeline Browning and Jordan Brackman, first.
Girls 14-18 200 medley relay, Sammy Roberts, Caitlyn Spoonmore, Rebecca Gramlich and Feona McCurry.
Girls 8-and-under 100 free relay, Mabry Caton, Olivia Wadeen, Marian Hoescher and Gaella Scheers, second.
Mixed 8-and-under 100 medley relay, Rayghan Skoufus, Ryan Jones, Elijah Elliott and Morgan Wortmann, second.
Mixed 11-13 200 medley relay, Kyleigh Skoufus, Michael Runnebaum, Olivia Conrow and Jake Freidel, second.
Girls 11-13 200 medley relay, Shannon Wortmann, Anaiis Scheers, Millie Dorman and Amaris Bice, second.
Mixed 9-10 100 free relay, Jordan Brackman, Matthew Mangin, Kayla Maier and Hailey Jaqmes, third.