Augusta GreenJackets’ player Chuckie Jones appears to have found his swing in the last-10 games while hitting .343 with 12 hits in 35 at-bats.
Although Jones still has a ways to go to get his average up, the Boonville native is currently hitting .217 with 53 hits in 244 at-bats with 38 singles, 10 doubles, one triple and four home runs. Jones has also drove in 23 runs and walked 31 times while striking out on 84 appearances.
However, in the last 10 games for Augusta, Jones is hitting .343 with 10 singles, one double and one home run while driving in three runs. His slugging and on-base percentage has also sky-rocketed in that span at .457 and .465, respectively. Meanwhile, in 79 games played, Jones has a slugging percentage of .316 and an on-base percentage of .309.
The last-two games also show Jones going 5-for-8 with five singles.
As for the first half of the season versus the second half, Jones hit .199 with 38 hits in 191 at-bats for the first 63 games with 25 singles, nine doubles, one triple, three home runs and 19 RBIs. Meanwhile, in the second half, Jones is batting .283 with 15 hits in 53 at-bats with 13 singles, one double, one home run and four RBIs.
Day games also seem to suit Jones the most. In 15 day games, Jones is hitting .308 with 16 hits in 52 at-bats with 10 singles, four doubles, two home runs and six RBIs. As for night games, Jones is hitting only .193 with 37 hits in 192 at-bats with 28 singles, six doubles, one triple, two home runs and 17 RBIs.
The month of July has also been kind to Jones, who is hitting .400 with eight hits in 20 at-bats with seven singles, one double and one RBI.