Students head back to school August 14

In one month students will be once again setting at their desks, getting ready to tackle another school year. This year students head back to school on August 14 for a half day of classes.
With school starting a little earlier this year students will not have to worry about heat or any early dismissals.
"All buildings are air conditioned so we will not be having any early dismissals due to heat. However, staff and coaches are very conscience of student and being out in the heat for prolonged time. We encourage all staff and students to consume plenty of liquids and stay in the air conditioning when possible," Boonville R-1 School Superintendent Mark Ficken said.
The 2013-14 school year will be the first year the drug testing program will be implemented.
"As with any new program, there will be a learning curve for families as well as staff.  We do not expect much disruption to the normal function of the schooling at BHS or LSE.  Hopefully the policy in place will cover any unforeseen situations that may arise.  The main goal with the board adopting this new policy was to help students have a reason to say no to illegal substances.  We are here to support the students in making good choices and this policy hopefully will help with that too," Ficken said.
Ficken said besides the drug program there have not been any large changes to the district. He said his focus will be on helping students succeed.
"As always we hope to build on past student performance successes.  We also are very conscience of having a safe and secure environment for all students to thrive.  We also want all of our students to have an enjoyable and successful year in all academics, extra-curricular, clubs and activities," Ficken said.