Boonslick Senior Center opens at new location

The Boonslick Senior Center is now open in its new location at 512 Jackson Road.
Area residents were slowly trickling in Tuesday morning at the senior center's new location. After being closed for over two weeks to get prepared and moved, the Senior Center will be in a smaller space in the former Radio Shack store.  
The new facility includes tables lined up on the left hand side of the room, an area for setting and a place where the food is handled. The building also boasts a brand new restroom.
One of the reasons for the move included better parking and a fresh remodeling.
"Funding is really tight this year and while we were hit with budget cuts we were looking to downsize just a bit. We are trying to secure our future a little bit better. Our program is not small but it is not huge either and the big three story building tends to be bigger than what we need for our program," Boonslick Senior Center Administrator Chanda Graves said.
Graves said the plans for the future include growing as much as they can, which includes the exercise classes.
Since the new location does not have a kitchen meals are being catered from Columbia.
She said meals have been catered since the Stein House fire in 2011, which prompted the senior center to be relocated because repairs needed to be completed on the building.
"Everyone is welcome to come out and see the recently remodeled facility. We would also love to see new faces," Graves said.
The senior center is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and will remain a cooling center location.