BTEC nursing program graduates last class

The Boonslick Technical Education Center School of Practical Nursing graduated their last class of 14 LPN Nursing students after 36 years of providing LPN's to local communities and beyond. The graduation ceremony occurred at the Boonville High School Commons Thursday evening.
Coordinator of the Nursing Program Beth Rumbaoa introduced everyone to the graduation and fellow teachers.
Pat Beach gave the commencement address.
"You will feel grateful of the demands that this nursing program instilled on you and your families. I want you to remember these key points for your success. You need to have a badge of honor, which includes integrity and a standard of excellence. Don't settle for, just good enough, be the best that you can be. Always be prepared and anticipate what lies ahead. Always maintain balance and take care of yourselves. Remember you always have a choice but you need to choose wisely, not foolishly. Stretch your horizons. Think outside the box. Do something you have not done before. Devote yourself to the profession of nursing by becoming involved in a professional organization. Surround yourself with people who have the same aspirations as you do. Surround yourself with positive role models. You can make a difference by saving one life at a time. So every day I want you to reach out and touch someone because people love a warm hug or a pat on the back," Beach said.
Beach also said she was honored and proud to be a part of the lives of each student this past year.
Awards were given to the top three graduates in categories ranging from leadership to medical categories. At the end of the ceremony the graduates said the Florence Nightingale Pledge, which pledges themselves to the field of nursing.
"The program was very intense. It has been difficult at time especially us with kids. The reason I became a nurse spawned because of having kids and a need for nurses. I also decided I needed to do something in general," graduate Candace Parkhurst said.
 Parkhurst said she had really good instructors but sometimes it is a struggle.  
"My favorite part was clinicals because I got to learn real experience. It is sad that they will not be doing it anymore but it is cool to be the last class," graduate Brittany Ditto said.
Ditto will move to Texas to pursue her nursing career.
"We were very excited with our three nurses. We are excited to see what will happen in the future," Boonslick Technical Education Center Director Karen Brosi said.
Brosi said next year State Fair Boonvilel will be facilitating the program, which will offer an associates degree in nursing.
"This has been a year. All of these girls have worked so hard. I can't see there was a time when they breathed easy the whole year," Rumbaoa said.