Penney's building vacant no more

Sandy Stock of Your Money's Worth in Boonville has always wanted to locate her store to the old J.C. Penney building at the corner of Spring and Main streets. After Cooper's Oak Winery moved from that location earlier this month, Your Money's Worth is set to be moved in entirely by July 31, which marks the fourth location since the store was founded in 1992.
The brightness and the recently remodeled building is one of the reasons for the move, including more space for booths. Stock will be utilizing the basement, main floor and mezzanine of the building. She added she was very glad to be near the middle of main street in a prime corner sight location.
"We're moving on up," Stock said.
On Thursday Stock began the move with pushing merchandise on a cart down the sidewalk. With the help of the vendors, the new location is slowly becoming filled with merchandise.  
"We have always and will continue to be very vendor friendly," Stock said.
With the added space, Stock is looking for new vendors as well who will get a month free. Instead of a commission base all vendors pay a flat rate rent each month.
"We will continue to help vendors become successful," she said.
Louise's Tea Room will be located in the center of the main level of the store.
"The tea room will still serve the best pie in town," Stock said.
Stock hopes to be in the current building for at least 20 years.
"All vendors are enthused about the move. We are entering and looking forward to our next adventure with the grace of God," Stock said.