New Business Q & A

Herstory Boutique
Q: Who is the owner of the business?
A: LaMika Butler
Q: When did you open?
A: April 27, 2013
Q: Briefly describe your business
A: Herstory Boutique is a gently used and new women's clothing store.  We offer name brand clothing that fits the pockets.
Q: Why take the plunge now?
A: I reelocated from Columbia and saw that a store like Herstory would be nice for Boonville and the surrounding area shoppers.  Something new and different in the town.
Q: What sets your operation apart from the others?
A:  Our prices, we offer sizes s-2xl, 0-26, we cater to all women — business wear, conservative wear, trendy and club wear.  Also, the name Herstroy itself sets us apart because it is unique and has the meaning that every women strives to be different and a woman's style tells her own story.
Q: Where are you from?
A: Columbia, Mo.  Herstory first started there.
Q: What is your background, and how does it relate to your business?
A: I've always loveed fashion and love to shop.  When I choose to be a mother  shopping became less for me.  I know how it feels to want to be able to look nice and shop at a budget cost.  I also like helping people, so put that together and I decided to go into the resale business.
Q: What activities do you enjoy in your free time, if you have any?
A:  Spending time with my children, friends, and family, social networking, and always thinking of ways to make Herstory better.
Q: How are things going so far?
A:  Great! Herstory has received positive feedback from Boonville.
Q: Plans for the future?
A:  I can share some future plans but you'll just have to check us out to stay updated because we are always offering great deals.  Some plans I have for Herstory's future is to add a make-up bar for our grand opening in July 2013 and to host a fashion show in August 2013.  We are always thinking of ways to make us stand out so there will be lots more we will offer in the future.