The Big Bang Theory

   According to the assumptions of the “Big Bang Theory,” the universe began to form 13.7 billion years ago, all by itself, accidentally, from nothing.  The assumption is that the great gravitational pressure of a black hole was so intense that finite matter condensed into a zone that is called a singularity. This tiny black dot began expand as it cooled, but it was still extremely hot.  As it exploded, it released its contents, which formed the stars, galaxies, and universes in the cosmos.  Theorists try to support their assumptions with Hubble’s belief that he could observe the cosmos still expanding through his telescope, according to Steven W. Hawking and George Ellis in their report, "The Cosmic black-Body Radiation and the Existence of Singularities in our Universe"printed in the Astrophysical Journal, Chicago, 1968.

My Evaluation:

This theory breaks the First and Second Law of Thermodynamics:

I.                    The First Law of Thermodynamics denies the atheists’ basic natural process of the universe theory, which is that a hot, dense dot called a “singularity” came from nothing.   The first law clearly states that matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed.  Matter and energy were already present, and can only change form.

II.                 The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that when matter or energy are disturbed, they become in a state of random disorder.  If a neatly stacked pile of lumber for a new house is knocked over, it does not fall into place as a house.  It is a mess of unorganized, and probably broken boards.  If explosives are detonated to blow off part of a wall in a rock quarry, the broken pieces of rock are not automatically carved into stone blocks and stacked neatly for delivery.  Thus, the orderly universe could not come from the “Big Bang Theory.” 

The vast magnificence of the Cosmos can only be explained by the purposeful creation of the Almighty God.  The Cosmos is too complex to have been accidentally formed.  There is order in the universe, and its intricate details can only be explained by the workmanship of a master designer, far more intelligent than mankind. Man can’t even comprehend the miracles or the vastness of the Cosmos.  It is only logical to believe that the Cosmos was created by the Master Designer of the Universe, who is the Great Creator God.

God challenged Job and all mankind when they question His almighty power and wisdom by these words in the Holy Bible from Job 38:2 &4:

“Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?”

“Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? Declare if thou hast understanding.”

“Knowest thou the ordinances of heaven?”

There are many scientists who dispute the “Big Bang Theory,” and have found errors in it:

I.                    According to a report concerning the research of astronomer Dr. Halton Arp: “Proponents of the Big Bang measure an age of 13.7 Gyrs by tracing back the expansion of the universe to an initial point.  However, unless the universe has gravitational attraction exactly balanced against this expansion it will either collapse in a Big Crunch or expand too quickly for us to survive in it.  The evidence shows that only with a young universe can this problem be resolved which flatly contradicts the Big Bang.”                                                                                                                “Dr. Halton Arp and other astronomers have discovered evidence that the universe isn’t expanding at all.  Instead, their observations indicate that redshifts are likely due to other mechanisms such as atoms having variable mass.  If the universe is not expanding, then the Big Bang is completely falsified.  The variation of mass also disproves radiometric dating since decay rates would change as the mass of protons and electrons changed.  These exciting discoveries lead us to conclude that the naturalist assumptions about the age of the universe and its dynamical state are incorrect.  In an effort to suppress this inevitability, the astronomical community has denied Dr. Arp’s telescope time,” as recorded by ElShamah in Evidence for God from Science, "Can We Be So Sure the Big Bang Model Is Accurate?", July 25, 2010 

II.                 Research about “Redshifts” have shown “Arp is correct in his contention that redshift is caused mainly by an object’s being young, and only secondarily because of its velocity.  Therefore, quasars are not the brightest, most distant and rapidly moving things in the observed universe – but they are among the youngest,” from Halton Arp's "Electric-Cosmos", "Redshifts" 2002.

III.               The previous assumptions about “Redshift” and the age of the universe have been put in jeopardy, because of new and convincing research by Dr. Halton C. Arp.  The following quote is from the old assumption that is now in doubt.  “In 1929, Edwin Hubble decided that because the light coming from most galaxies was redshifted, the universe must be expanding after exploding from an infinitesimal volume of superhot, superdense concentration of matter and energy.  The explosion is called the big bang which propelled matter in all directions and at all speeds.  According to the big bang theory, the farther away an object is from us, the more redshifted its light.  Also, a greater redshift means the object is moving away faster than objects with less redshift.  If the universe is not expanding, this cannot be true and the reshift must be due to other causes.  An astronomer can tell how old the universe is by the rate of expansion.  If the redshift is due to something other than expansion, nothing can be said about the universe’s age.” from Jon Covey and Anita Millen, "Age of the Universe," May 26, 2013


IV.              The Babylonians, the Romans, and Ptolemy referred to Sirius, the dog star, as the

            red star. Within about a thousand years it morphed from a giant red star to a white                 

            dwarf.  This evidence indicates that the star is decaying on a conflicting, much shorter

            time scale that the current theory proposes, and it is called the “Sirius problem,” from George Mulfinger, "Design and Origins in Astronomy," Creation Research Society Books,. 

 Most science textbooks present many assumptions as evidence to support the Big Bang theory.    The following are quotes from popular high school textbooks:

I.                    “Fifteen billion years ago, there was no universe as we know it: only a dense, minuscule mass in which energy and matter were melded into a single incomprehensibly ferocious state.  Then the mass erupted.  Particles of matter and antimatter formed, annihilating each other in great bursts of energy when they collided.  So great was the energy released that astrophysicists can still detect its faint radiation, evidence to support this favored “Big Bang” model of the formation of the universe,” from "Biology-Life on Earth" Prentice-Hall, 1996, by Teresa and Gerald Audesirk

My evaluation in questions and answers:

Q. How do the writers of this textbook know this happened fifteen billion years ago?

A. They don’t know.  They assume that it is true from the theory that is based upon unproven assumptions. They have faith in their theory.

Q. How do they know that there was only a dense, minuscule mass of energy and matter?

A.  They don’t know.  They assume that it is true from the theory that is based upon unproven assumptions.  They have faith in their theory.

Q. How do they know that the mass erupted? 

A. They assume that it happened from the theory based upon unproven assumptions. They have faith in their theory.

Q. How do astrophysicists know that the faint radiation they detect is from the energy released from the “Big Bang?”

A. They don’t know.  They assume that is true from the theory based upon unproven assumptions.  They have faith in their theory.

Q. Is the “Big Bang Theory” a religion, since there is so much faith involved?

A. The theorists don’t think that it is.  They believe that their theory is science.  However, true science is based upon observable facts, not theories.

Q. Do they have observable facts?

A.  No, only assumptions.

Q. Do these “Big Bang Theory” believers know where the matter and energy came from?

A.  No, and they certainly don’t want to attribute it to the Great Creator God.

Q. Why do they believe that the “Big Bang” happened fifteen billion years ago?

A. Since they don’t have any evidence today, it is believed that the long time period would be a good excuse for the lack of evidence.

Q. Why is the Creator never mentioned?

A. According to the theory, everything just accidentally happened over billions of years. Purposeful creation would acknowledging the Creator, and would defy the theory.

        II.  These are quotes from a biology textbook commonly used in our high schools:

                        “After 12 to 15 billion years….all galaxies, all matter and space are compressed

                         into a hot, dense volume at one single point….That incredibly hot, dense        state               

                         lasted only for an instant.  What happened next is called the “Big Bang,” the

                         nearly instantaneous distribution of all matter and energy throughout the

                         Universe,” from "Biology-the Unity and Diversity of Life," by Cecie Starr and Ralph Taggart, Thompson, Brooks, and Cole 2006.

My evaluation with questions and answers:

Q. Why does the textbook present this material as an event that actually happened when they have no proof?

A. They want to indoctrinate students into believing their assumptions.  The Creator, who made all things, is left out on purpose.

Q. Why don’t they tell where all this matter, space, and billions of years of time came from?

A.  The do not want to acknowledge that the Creator made time, space, and matter.  He is the master of all those things, and is in control.  That is why the Cosmos works so well with all the stars, planets, galaxies, and universes. The Master, the Great Creator God is in control.

Q. How do the stars, planets, galaxies and universes stay in place?

A. God created gravity, centrifugal force, revolving, rotation, etc.

   Albert Einstein invented the Theory of Relativity. Concepts about the theory involve the measurement of velocities in relationship to time and space.  According to Einstein, space and time should be considered together, and that the speed of light was invariant.  Einstein described a light year as a unit of measure, and not an actual time year.  He believed that light would bend in the presence of a gravitational field.  He also believed that rotating masses “drag along” the spacetime around them. Einstein theorized that “matter tells spacetime how to curve, and curved spacetime tells matter how to move.” He believed that space and time in the universe could be stretched and warped by matter, and that clocks run more slowly in deeper gravitational wells. He developed field equations that related the curvature of spacetime with mass, energy, and momentum, from James Overduin's, "Gravity Probe B, Einstein's Spacetime," November 2007. 

My evaluation:

It is important to realize that a light year is not a measure of time, and that our interpretation of years on earth is not the same as light years in space. Time, space, gravity were created by the Almighty God.  They did not just accidentally occur in the universe.  It would be foolish to believe that they did. The Supreme Being, God, created time, space, all matter, and

gravity.  He is the Master of all things.  God is not controlled by the boundaries and rules of time, or space, or matter, or gravity or any other force of creation that mankind has to obey.  God created those things and He is not controlled by them.  God is in control of everything.  It seems that some humans want to reduce God to the limitations of mankind.  If it were possible for mankind to created anything, it would probably take him billions of years to form it.  However, the Almighty God spoke and the universe was created.  God spoke and all things were created in six days, because He is God.  God is not limited by time, space, or matter.  He should not be judged by man’s standards.  Mankind needs to remember his place, and realize that he is a creation in subjection to the Creator.  We human beings should stand in awe of the creation of the mighty hand of the Great Creator God.  It is absurd to look at God’s magnificent handiwork and be an atheist.

Man, with all his intelligence and abilities, stands on God’s wonderful earth and beholds God’s magnificent heavens.  He is standing on a planet that is moving at 67,000 miles per hour around the sun, while spinning on a 24 hour daily schedule.  Man gazes in wonder at the sun, the moon, and the stars that move with clockwork precision.  The wise man gives praise to the Great Creator God for the glory of His handiwork.  The fool in his observations concludes that there is no god, and that all he sees is the result of spontaneous generation.  He devises assumptions and conjures up theories to steal the credit of creation from God and give it to spontaneous generation.  Then other fools grasp on to the theories, and acclaim them as great wisdom to be put in textbooks for impressionable youths to read. Satan, the enemy of God, is claiming victory with these theories.  God’s people need to recognize the truth of what is happening in our educational system and in our society, and fight against the lies.