The team of John Skelton, Danny Rohrbough and Nathan Hoff fired a 13-under par to capture first in the annual Heritage Days Tournament last Friday at Hail Ridge Golf Course in Boonville.
 A total of 22 teams participated in the 18-hole tournament.
The team of Brian Richey, Walley Richey and Plas McAdory finished second in A-flight with a 12-under par 59 while the teams of Jacob Rapp, Darrin Reagan and Dean Reagan and Ed Keaton, Daniel Espey and Jasen Matyas tied for third with a 10-under par 61.
In B-flight, five teams split the winnings for first, second and third place. Finishing with a 6-under par 65 were the teams of Frank Thacher, Kyle Thacher and Andrea Thacher; Bruce Lenz, Matt Lenz and Doug Miller; Kim Page, Dean Caldwell and Fred Harris; Stan LaBoube, Greg Hyatt and and Mike Lang; and the team of Steve Ruffel, Terry Quinlan and Roy Watts.
In C-flight, which was a little less complicated, the teams of Steve Smith, Doug Smith x 1 and Justin Hinshaw, Marty Howell and Jerry Potter tied for first with a 2-under par 69. In third place with a 1-under par 70 was the team of Blaine Einspahr, Jeff Wilmsmeyer and Brett Dicus.