First State Community Bank opens Monday

First State Community Bank (FSCB) opened up Monday in the former Bank of America location at 412 Main Street. For months, the transition has been on-going for customers who wanted to stay with Bank of America or switch to the new bank. The bank is headquartered in Farmington, Mo., and has recently purchased nine Bank of America locations.
On Saturday workers were busy putting finishing touches on the exterior signage of the building, preparing for the grand opening at the beginning of the week.
"We closed on the Bank of America branches on Friday night and on Saturday we spent the entire day getting everything switched over before our opening on Monday," David Putnam, Central Missouri Area FSCB President said.
Putnam said overall everyone has been cooperative and patient through any issues that have arisen, which is being handled on a one on one basis.
"Almost everyone who has come in has had a real positive attitude. I think they have figured out we are geared towards a town like Boonville," Putnam said.
FSCB has also set up a system to assist people with the transition.
"We also have a call center that is assisting people who cannot come in to the building," Putnam said.
Putnam said Bank of America's focus is now on the large communities and larger customers.
"They are getting out of the rural communities. We have had a lot of success in the rural communities, which is the prime focus for FSCB," Putnam said. "Our other focus is on the community and providing good customer service."
"We have had the rare opportunity to greatly expand our presence throughout Missouri and specifically within our regional footprint." Greg Allen, CEO and Chairman of First State Community Bank said. "We are excited to have new team members on board and we are also eager to serve our new FSCB customers."
During the next month FSCB will work on smoothing out the transition and helping out it's customers. They will train their employees on their systems and their business techniques.
"Our goal is to fill the facility with bankers. The front was closed a while back and our goal is to open it again," Putnam added.
Putnam added FSCB will also assist in helping out the community.
"We will be here to support the community," he said. "Individuals will now be able to talk to someone here about possible donations."
Boonville's Bank of America customers will have to bank in Columbia.