Local man's mission centers around helping less fortunate of Nigeria

 Many of the infrastructures, like electricity and clean running water are often taken for granted in the Western world, where it is very unusual to live in an area without these basic needs, even chairs, for example. Julius Udinyiwe, a Boonville businessman and resident has been traveling back to his home in Nigeria, not only to visit, but to teach and help the community he grew up in to excel well into the 21st Century.  
This fall, Udinyiwe will travel back to Nigeria to help build a school and to construct chairs for another in a villiage not too far from Benin, Nigeria's Capital so the children do not have to sit on the floor. For Udinyiwe, it is teaching his hometown community what is possible, what can be done. And while infrastructure is growing in the large cities, the rural communities are still without basic necessities such as electricity.
For power, Udinyiwe relies on generators but will also focus on solar power since Nigeria is in a prime location near the equator.   
Some of the work does not require large amount of funds. What is needed is the man-power to complete the tasks. These tasks include cleaning out areas where trash was once thrown, trimming bamboo trees and using the excess for building materials. The larger projects include the largest long-term investments such as building schools and digging wells so the locals do not have to drink water from a stream, which is used for bathing.
On his next mission, Udinyiwe will focus on the area schools for one month, maybe two if funds allow. Currently, a project is being undertaken to build Iyeoba school. The foundation has been laid and the locally made brick is being laid on top of each other.
"My goal is to and help with the construction of the school and help build a well," Udinyiwe said.
Udinyiwe said he wants to create good infrastructure so families can stay together instead of the younger generation leaving to go live in the city.
Udinyiwe will also buy goats for the village so they can raise them to make money. He will also show them how to build a good fence.  
Udinyiwe is currently looking for funds to help with this project. In doing this, he shows people the progress in photos, which has been made in just the last two years.
"Right now I am speaking in area churches. Friends have been helping a lot as well," Udinyiwe said.
From the support of local churches and individuals Udinyiwe is able to accomplish more and more each time he travels back.
To find out more information about Udinyiwe's mission it is recommended an individual call him at 660-888-2987.