Boonville graduate on mission trip in Kenya

After graduating from Boonville High School in 2009, Kendra Twenter had big plans in her future. Twenter is currently living in Narok, Kenya on a mission in the Africa Hope Guest House since she arrived on June 1. She will return to the United States on June 26.
Twenter traveled to Kenya through a program called New Mission Systems International. She is part of the health team, a group of five people who go to a village called Isinon and teach the natives different health topics and different bible lessons. Furthermore, they break up into different teams to achieve different goals. In her group, there are two interns, two nationals and one missionary. The nationals are the translators for the group and according to Twenter, they are a huge help.
“So far, I love it here. The food was a little hard to adjust to but has gotten easier. I ate goat for the first time and that was a challenge,” Twenter said.
Before they could travel to Kenya, the group had to go to Florida for one week to be properly trained. After they return to the United States, they will have to be debriefed in Florida.
“What I would like to achieve, that is a very hard question? I hope to leave an impression on the people that I have met as they have impressed me. In only three weeks now, they have made me realize so much and how to have appreciation of more things. They have taught me smile, laugh and to take a break from my quick pace life to enjoy the people around me. If I teach them about God and have just 1/8 the impression on them, then my goal is met,” Twenter said.
To raise money for the trip, Twenter used many strategies to reach her goal. She had a bake sale, sold chocolate covered strawberries, had a spaghetti dinner, a volleyball tournament and reached out to her church and family and friends.
“Though these things are difficult, I have learned quite a bit. I have learned that serving God, it is essential to serve His people. It has been amazing teaching people and building relationships here. It will very hard to leave,” Twenter said.