Correctional Center staff host Mutt Strut

A dog named Faith was the overall winner at the annual Mutt Strut, which was held at Kemper Park on Thursday night. Sixty-one dogs were registered to many different categories, including the longest tail, which was given to Bojangles with a 22 inch tail. The celebrity look alike contest was awarded to a dog named Toby who looked like Yoda from the movie Star Wars.
The Boonville Correctional Center staff, along with the Boonville Correctional Center's Puppies for Parole and Restorative Justice Programs, sponsored this year's Mutt Strutt.
"There was a wonderful turnout at the Mutt Strutt, there were also dogs that are currently being trained in Puppies for Parole program and some that have graduated and have been adopted," Mutt Strut organizer Betty Hundley said.
Out of town staff members from the Boonville Correctional Center served as the judges for this year's Mutt Strut. The judges commented they were very impressed with such a large turnout.
A dog name Brutas won first place in the Cutest Big Dog category. His owner, Katie Gibson, was very happy that her huge dog's food bill was good for something.
"He is a six year old Swiss Mtn. dog and he is my big baby. Brutas is a great family dog," Gibson said.
According to the Puppies for Parol website, the organization is a unique program were selected offenders have the opportunity to become trainers to rescue dogs in the program. Offenders work with the dogs teaching them basic obedience skills and properly socializing the animals, making them more adoptable. Once the dogs have successfully completed the program, they will be adopted through their original shelter.
Rachelle Northern adopted a dog from the program two months ago.
"I am so pleased with the program and what they do. I speak highly of them and I suggest all my friends to check out their website. Batman, the dog we adopted, is doing great and we love him so much," Northern said.
Harold Simmons entered his dog, Crickett, into the cutest dog category and won third place. His granddaughter Elly, and her two friends Letta and Ellia, escorted Crickett through the evening.
"We want to congratulate all the participants and winners for sharing their pets for the evening. If you would like more information about about the Puppies for Parole or Restorative Justice Program go to," Hundley said.
Winners in other categories are listed below:
Best Dressed
First - Luthur, owner Ava Bynett; Second - Precious, owner Selena Remlinger; and Third - Tank, owner Audrianna Donahue.
Longest Tail
Bojangles 22 inches, owner Joann McElwee.
Best Vocal
First - Snickers, owner Lyndsey Lenz; Second - Susie, owned by the Wilson family; Third - Max, owner Jack Pfeiffer; and Fourth - Tilly, owned by Isabella Roth.
Celebrity Look A Like
Tobywho looks like Yoda, owner Jacqueline.
Most Unique
First - Shaggy, owner Kylie Johnston; Second - Gizmo, owned by Bayne Mueller; and Third - Krypto, owner Donette Cornett.