Softball Park at Rolling Hills Park named in honor of Bill Simmons

The softball field located at Rolling Hills Park will be named in honor of Bill Simmons, who passed away in early March. A unanimous vote by the Boonville City Council secured the name change at the Monday evening city council meeting.
For the first time since the new city council chambers opened, there was not a an empty seat left since the seats were filled with individuals in support of the name change. Joey Simmons, son of Simmons, voiced his support for the name change during the open community forum.
"We wanted to come tonight to be here in support of the name change," Simmons said.
Boonville Ward Four Councilman Morris Carter moved to accept the name change and made a motion to do so, seconded by Boonville Ward Three Councilman Ned Beach.
"I worked with Bill in the 70s when he ran the men's softball program. He was also instrumental in beginning the girls softball program," Director of Boonville Parks, Gary Nauman said. "That was his life. He spent countless hours and never received a penny for it."
Councilman voiced approval for the name change.
"I hated it has to be after he is gone that we do this. He did a lot for this community," Boonville Ward Two Councilman Henry Hurt said.  
After the vote, a loud applause erupted from the audience.
"I think it is a good decision. I think my dad would have loved to have known the field named after him. Like they said at the council, I was with my dad every step of the way. It was an honor watching him do what he did growing up," Simmons said.
Simmons also added he appreciated the council voting for the measure and for the park board unanimously recommending it to the council.
In other news, Gary Johnson of Alliance Water Resources, said all four employees at the water plant have been hired by Alliance. Johnson said they are going over benefits at this time. He added he will introduce the new manager of the plant at the beginning of July.