Kemper sign near football field receives fresh new look

Kemper Military School Alumnus Michael Gillum traveled all the way from Texas to rejuvinate the KMS sign near the Kemper Park football field.
Gillum began the restoration of  the large concrete sign, located on top of a hill overlooking the football field on Thursday and finished with help from fellow alumni on Saturday.
The sign is painted in the Kemper Military School colors of yellow and black to commemorate the colors of the ‘Yellow Jacket’ mascot.
The idea began last October when Gillum returned for a Kemper Military School Reunion held by the Kemper Military School Alumni. She vowed to return and re-paint the sign after it had started to fade since it had been almost 14 years since the sign had been painted.
Kemper Alumni Vice President Laura Gramlich contacted Boonville Parks Director Gary Nauman to get approval for the repainting.
“This is something I felt in control over because it preserves a little bit of the history,” Gillum said.
Gillum said she is glad the campus is seeing new life being brought back into it.
Gramlich expressed her praise for Gillum’s effort in rejuvenating the sign.
Gillum plans to attend the October Kemper Military School Alumni Reunion this fall. Gillum was also in Boonville for the weekend for the Echo Company reunion, which gathers each year during a June weekend in Blackwater.