Support your local newspaper and radio

Kate and I really appreciate the opportunity to write this column for the Boonville Daily News.  It gives us a venue to tell folks about events, community happenings and updates on tourism and city issues. It also provides a soapbox to tout the importance of buying local. We should be proud to have local media still in Boonville. Not every town is so lucky.

The Boonville Daily News has been published since 1919.  Ninety four years of ups and downs, good times and lean times.  The BDN is absolutely a part of our lives.  Likewise, a KWRT has been coming to us for 60 years. The Radio Station provides a platform every day (through Party Line) to announce good news, wish happy birthdays, celebrate milestones, ask a question, share an opinion or  get rid of an old refrigerator. Plus, local media provides an essential outlet to share critical information to the community.

We may cuss it one day and love it the next, but we still expect to see the paper rolled up, waiting on the porch (or close to the porch) and the radio tuned in each week. We should be proud of having a daily newspaper and a local radio station in town. Local media starts conversations about issues we may disagree on.  These conversations can turn into louder conversations and constructive conversations that bring about positive change in our community.

It just seems to be human nature that we scream the loudest when we are unhappy about something.  But we tend to go silent when we are content or satisfied.  It might be time to say "thanks" to all of our local media for the job they do, keeping us informed. Good news or bad news, they are our connection to what's happening in the Boonslick area.  Support your local media, buy local, and play local and Go Boonville!