Summer school garners 352 students

Boonville Superintendent Mark Ficken outlines some facts about Boonville's Summer School Program.

How is summer school going this year?
Summer school is going well. We have a large number of high school students taking advantage of the opportunities and many elementary students are using this opportunity to master skills missed during the school year.

How many are enrolled in summer school?
We have 352 students.
What sort of classes does summer school include?
Summer school at the K-8 levels are remediation only.  This helps students who need a little push before going to the next grade levels.  At the high school, we offer Personal Finance, Health and credit recovery (again for those students who need to catch up).  Personal Finance and Health are offered to allow students to earn these required credits during the summer so they can elect to take other classes during the school year. We find these classes are very popular during the summer.
In August, we offer a Jumpstart Kindergarten class to 40 student who have been identified as needing the extra help before entering school for the first time.  These are the borderline tested students.  Helping students master all skills needed for kindergarten helps those students be more successful in future years.
How long is summer school in session?
The last day of summer school will be June 26 for the high school, and June 21 for the elementary and middle school students.
Is there anything else you would like to add?
We are hopeful in the future that finances would allow us to offer some enrichment classes that were previously offered in better financial times.