McDonalds remodeling to be completed soon

Expected to reopen at the end of this month, the remodeling of Boonville's McDonald’s located at exit 103 is quickly coming together. The remodel, which started in April, is starting to bring excitement to many employees and customers. Now that everything in the dining room has been removed, it is time to refurnish the inside with an updated and modern look. The only thing not coming back is the decades old Play Place.
Store Manager Doug Hartman explained what to expect from the newly remodeled franchise.
“With the second drive-thru added, it is expected to get twice the amount of customers through. We have also installed digital displaying screens on the inside to help speed the order taking process. In addition to that, we will have new countertops and updated décor,” said Hartman.
The atrium windows were removed and the store was expanded five feet outward; adding a little more room inside the restaurant. Newly added handicapped parking spots are now located where the Play Place once stood and the parking spots on the west side of the property have been removed to provide space for the second drive-thru.
A few things have been relocated in the store and one of them is the drink station. Previously hiding around the corner, the new drink station will be moved across from the front counter.
The bathrooms were also torn out and reconfigured.
Along with everyone else,  Crew Chief Christina Baskett is looking forward to the new, fresh look.  
“Service will be much quicker now that we have installed the second drive-thru. I’m looking forward to improving the service and making customers happy. Nobody likes waiting forever for their food, so hopefully our improved system will help,” said Baskett.