Local business finds new home

Some businesses have been finding new homes on Main Street, including Cooper's Oak Winery. The winery has moved two doors down into the old Palace building. The building is recognized primarily of its stained glass entrance located at 323 Main Street.
Cooper's Oak Winery Manager Theresa Krebs is very excited about the move after three years located at the old J.C. Pennies building on the corner of Main and Spring Streets. Krebs said the reason for the move had to do with space.
"This size of a building really fits our day to day operation better. We have more efficient use of the space. The Pennies building is a lovely building and I hate for it to be vacant. It is just such a big space and we did not use it fully all of the time," Krebs said.
Krebs said the new location has a nice and homely feeling.
She added that Pam Davis, who owns the building, has done a great job for them.
"Everything from the ceilings, the walls and the floors has a really nice feel," she said.
Krebs said the winery will be doing all the same things they did before, from wine tastings, parties and special events. She also said the bistro menu will be expanded on as well.
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