This past week, Tourism and Historic Preservation teamed up to sponsor a community awards reception honoring individuals for their contributions and hard work. This was the first year for the event and it was a real treat. First and foremost, I love to say say thank you to all the groups and individuals who work so hard to make Boonville the great place it is. Additionally, each award recipient talked a little bit about themselves their passion and how they got in involved- this personal touch was really cool. So often we label people with what they are best known as- “the Big Muddy People” the “people that restored that house on Main Street”, etc- but the back story is always really special.

I want to take this opportunity to again recognize all the people who received awards at the event. The Tourism Commission recognized the following individuals/ groups:

Gene and Missy Walther, Settler’s Inn The Missouri River Valley Steam Engine Association for Back to the Farm Reunion Cathy Barton, Dave Para and the late Bob Dyer: The Big Muddy Folk Festival Mel Linhart: Babe Ruth Baseball Florence “Winky” Chestnutt

All of these folks have been long time fixtures in the Boonville community and have helped to shape tourism; many of them were doing it long before the City! I think this group also exemplifies the breadth and diversity of tourism. Of course, tourism can be coming to look at historic properties, but it also includes music, sporting events, agriculture and more.

The Historic Preservation recognized the following individuals/groups/ properties:

Sumner School, Concerned Citizens for the Black Community Thacher Wood Funeral Home, Jim Wilson Morton-Myer Home, Bert and Beth McClary Walter Williams Home, Edward Lang Juliet Trig Johnson House, Lucy Nichols Katy Bridge, Katy Bridge Coalition

Pop Quiz! Do you know where all these properties are? If you don’t you should go out and explore  the community- all of these are significant to Boonville’s history. Notably, they recognize all types and facets of our history- architectural, cultural, economic and social. Additionally, a couple of the awards recognize the power of community action (as do the tourism awards).

Kudos to all our award winners and thanks again for all your hard work! If you are reading this and thinking about an event, individual or property that should be recognized- don’t worry we will be doing the again next year! Look for a call for nominations in April. Play Local, Shop Local and Go Boonville.