Young girl donates hair to good cause

Annika Wadeen is only
six years old but she already
understands the importance
of helping people
in need. For quite some
time Wadeen has been
growing her hair. After
seeing a story about an individual
who donated
their hair to a friend who
had cancer, Wadeen felt
like she needed to do the
"I wanted to do it for
Locks for Love to be a
good person," Wadeen
Wadeen's mother January
talked to her about
Locks of Love. "Anika had
seen pictures of people
who had different diseases
who had received wigs
fromother people and saw
pictures of them without
hair. She wanted to know
what was wrong with
them. I talked about Locks
for Love. She decided she
wanted to share her hair to
help people,"Wadeen said.
According to
g/, Locks of Love is a public
non-profit organization
that provides hairpieces to
financially disadvantaged
children in the United
States and Canada under
the age of 21 suffering
from long-term medical
hair loss fromany diagnosis.
On Thursday afternoon,
Wadeen, accompanied by
her mother and grandmother,
Linda Grissum,
gathered at Uptown Girls
in downtown Boonville.
Ruth Wells (Styles by
Ruthie at Uptown Girls)
prepared Wadeen as she
prepared to cut her hair.
It took less than a
minute to cut 10 inches of
hair, which was gathered
together in a pony tail.
Wells then finished trimming
her hair.
Wadeen was elated