Bunny Long honored for service to Boonville

The Boonville Women's Club
honored long time Boonville resident
Bunny Long who just celebrated
her 100th birthday last
week, at the annual BWC Garden
Party, which was held at the Hain
House Memorial Gardens Thursday
around lunch.
Long has been a large supporter
of the gardens and contributed as
much as 20 years of her life maintaining
the gardens.
"Today we are honoring Bunny
for her service to the Friends of
Historic Boonville, especially the
Hain House," Boonville Woman's
ClubMember Linda Harlan said.
About five years ago, the
Boonville Woman's Club decided
to get oral history fromwomen living
in the town who were really
important to the area. Long was
featured in this oral history project.
During the party, Long was
given a birthday cake along with
many words of gratitude for her
continued service.
Boonville Women's Club PresidentMyrna
Bruce was very excited
to honor Long for her service, especially
in the very gardens she devoted
much time to.
Friends ofHistoric Boonville Executive
Director, Melissa Strawhun, said Long had helped
the Friends be what they are today.
Long said she was happy to see