BHS sends off class of 2013

Are you nervous? I am too," said Boonville High School American History Teacher Terry Ehlers as he began the commencement address during the Boonville High School graduation, Sunday at Windsor Gymnasium.
Ehlers was chosen by the class this year to deliver their farewell address.
"This is the first and last time this audience will be together, our only experience together," Ehlers said.
Ehlers explained a little bit about his brief history after high school and how he came to Boonville, even saying if he had not taken the path he did, he would not have met his wife, Becky and married her.
"I took full advantage of the opportunities I was given after high school," he said.
Ehlers said he has known many of the graduating class for over 15 years. He said for many, he was there representing the elders at kindergarten and other graduations along their life.
Ehlers offered simple advice to the seniors as they enter into the new chapter of their life.
"As this window closes a new one will open. I recommend doing what ever it takes to accomplish the next chapter of your life. There really is life after high school," he said.
Ehlers ended with advice telling the class to stay out of trouble and to stay away from people who are bad influences.
Estefany Bustamante, an exchange student from Mexico, delivered a quick speech on her experience at Boonville High School for the last six months. Bustamante said she learned what people thought about Mexico as she learned what America was all about. She also said anyone is welcome to come to see her in Mexico.
The senior class officers spoke a few words before the senior class threw their caps in the air.