Council hears proposal for water treatment facilities

A large decision weighs on the Boonville City Council as they heard voices in favor and against subbing the water treatment facilities to Alliance Water Resources headquartered in Columbia at the Monday evening council meeting.
Ward Four Boonville resident Tom Baslee voiced his concern about the possible move.
"I do not think the city needs to be contracting out another part of the city. The people have control over the water because it is their water. When you give it out on a contract, they lose all say-so. It is another right the people have that is being taken away by the government," Baslee said.
Baslee is also afraid that the costs of operations will be passed right on to the consumer every time there is a mandate.  
Sandy Neal of Alliance Water Resources gave a brief history and purpose of the company she represents. She said the company started in 1976 as Mid-Missouri Engineers. She said the company started out with providing advice for the water and wastewater plants. She said their role has always been to help out the communities they are aligned with, especially with providing professional advice.
Neal said one of the largest assets the company has is the training they provide. She also said employees have the opportunity to grow in the company of around 250 employees. She addressed concerns about the current employees. She said they would be hired by the company if they wish.
Boonville Public Works Director M.L. Cauthon said he checked other municipalities who Alliance is partnered with. He said St. Genevieve is very happy with Alliance and voiced a good review of their training program. Cauthon also contacted other municipalities who are smaller or slightly larger than Boonville for references. Overall Cauthon received positive reviews.
The second reading will occur at the next council meeting where a final decision is made.
In further news, a decision on the final location of a cancer park is still pending. The council is still undecided if any location on the Kemper Campus is suitable for the park, especially with the undetermined future of the campus.
Discussion persisted on a possible location for the park near the Hitch House at the north east part of the campus.