Blunt discusses concerns in Boonville

United States Republican Senator Roy Blunt discussed health care, jobs and energy issues, Saturday morning at A. Baker Floral and Company in downtown Boonville.
Blunt greeted a number local and state officials, including Missouri State Senator Kurt Schaefer and Missouri Representative Dave Muntzel. He talked to a couple local businesses owners as well about policy that directly effects them.
"What we want to go on now is for Democrats and Republicans to work together to solve some of these problems," Blunt said.
Blunt said in response to the passing of the balanced Missouri budget, that the responsibility of having a balanced budget should be a responsibility at the Federal level as well. He added they may have one in the near future.
Blunt also discussed the fair market act, an act that he believes will level the playing field across all markets, including online purchases. This allows online companies to collect taxes on purchases as well. This tax goes into effect when a business takes in more than one million dollars.
Discussion then continued into energy.
"We have more energy than we thought we had 20 years ago," said Blunt while referring to the coal, natural gas and oil reserves still waiting to be utilized in the United States.
He added there is a good energy partnership between the United States, Canada and Mexico. He said every dollar that goes to Canada, usually almost or more than a dollar is received in return through trade.
"It is a pretty even exchange," he said.
Blunt continued a discussion on the new health care law and the impact on small businesses and large ones alike.
"I think the implementation of the health care law will be very troublesome," Blunt said.
He said since the election over 20,000 pages rules and regulations have been created.
"The stack is 7.6 feet high. This is just the rules and regulations to implement it. They are not done yet. I am doing my best to make sure we continue to look at alternatives. I want people to have more access to health care rather than less access to health care. I am afraid this bill will make access harder," Blunt said.
"We have lost a lot of manufacturing here in Boonville. Nordyne is moving their operations to the country of Mexico. The reasons, they say, are of the increased costs. It is really having an impact on Boonville and we are struggling to find economic development," Boonville Mayor Julie Thacher said.
"The general atmosphere is critical. The private sector jobs should be the number one concern for country today. There is nothing wrong with public sector jobs you have to have. Things like good tax policies, regulators that tell you when they are done instead of coming back to keep regulating. We need good energy policy. There are some terrible energy policies out with the EPA right now, which is the beginning for the absolute end for coal energy. We have more coal than anyone else in the world with Missouri alone being the number six coal dependent state in the Union. As a state we are 82 percent dependent on coal. It is economically crazy to move to other energy methods that hurts the economy," Blunt answered.