BHS senior art students brighten up school with murals

Since 2003, Boonville High School seniors have been painting murals throughout the interior of BHS. These murals, under the direction of Boonville High School Art Teacher Helen Sanders, have spread from one large mural in Junior Hall (north hall) to almost every hall within the school.
Seniors this year focussed on making the sophomore hallway a little brighter by covering up the dark paneling above the lockers.
Sanders said the seniors worked on the mural for approximately two months.
"We worked on the mural on panels in the basement and then had them mounted on the wall above the lockers.  We went with an overall background of bright blue skies with puffy clouds to help lighten the dark halls.  Students were assigned specific academic subjects and researched that subject to choose images that would best represent that class," Sanders said.
Seniors who participated in the mural project included Courtney Grissum and Katie Vest, who worked on the history section. Logan Esser and Sammie Dorman worked on the language arts section. Michaela Rumbaoa and Lauren Friedrich worked on the language arts section. Hannah Parris and Kathryn Rodman worked on the spanish mural which featured flags and birds of spanish speaking countries. Marissa So