David Barton students to make tourism brochure

Fifth grade students at David Barton Elementary have been learning a lot about Boonville recently, so much so, they plan to design a brochure for the Boonville Tourism Office. On Monday morning, in preparing for this large project, the students were finding out as much information as they could by visiting the Katy Depot where the tourism office is located. Students, with their pad and pencil skimmed over interesting facts and locations located in their home town. Anything that interested them, they wrote down.
Setting on the railroad tracks directly in front of the Katy Caboose were Hunter Wilson and Russell Potter. They said they were busy writing down important information after exploring the depot and caboose.
"When we got to see the caboose there were a lot of things we were not expecting," Potter said.
Potter said this in reference to the historic train artifacts that are kept in the caboose just like a museum.
Wilson said an interesting fact he found out that morning was about Selwyn Apartments. He did not know it was a shoe factory at one time.
David Barton fifth grade teacher Carlei Wies said the project was a chance for the children to get to better know their community and town.
Wies, who does this project every year, said she has learned a number of new things as well.
"I just learned about the warehouse, which will be turned into a visitors center. That is really exciting," she said.
She also added how fun it was to watch the children learn more about where they live, even though they may have lived here their entire lives.
The project is slated to be finished by the end of the school year, which is less than two weeks away.