Capitol Report

We had many visitors from most of the counties in the 48th District. We hope your visit was enjoyable and/or productive.
My report for this week would be very lengthy if I reported everything that was addressed on the House Floor. Senate Bills for House approval dominated the agenda and can be viewed at and house bills can be viewed at
I received many messages, emails, phone calls, etc of your concerns, favor or disfavor on issues. Many times amendments are attached to a bill, just before voting takes place, that changes the language or meaning of the original bill. This is why one needs to read the entire final bill in order to understand the final meaning. This is why you elected me, to trust that I will make a decision on each bill based on common sense, what is best for the voters in the 48th District, and represents the principles that I ran my campaign on.
A few of the bills passed this week that I have received calls or emails in regard, are: SB 157-102 deals with the sale of scrap metal – gold - silver – cooper aluminum and other metals. This bill set specific guidelines for people buying – selling these metals. I know from experience there are some buyers that currently do a very good job in identifying sellers. Unfortunately some do not. Valuable classic car parts and engines (some of which, is very difficult to replace), have been stolen from my property in the past couple of years. So, I personally can relate to the importance of this bill.
Many businesses and electric cooperatives have lost a lot of cooper ground which puts Missouri homes at high risk of losing power and even physical harm.
SB 330 met approval. This issue started in the House and deals with allowing Baked Goods, (Cottage Foods) made at home for fundraisers and socials to not be classified as potential hazardous foods and be under the same inspection as manufactured foods.
SB 116 meet approval in the House that deals with ensuring our military (overseas service men and women) votes during an election, to be counted within a specific time period after the election. In the past, some military votes did not arrive to the local county clerk in time to be counted.
As I prepare this report, we are finalizing the approval of the budget that, according to the Missouri Constitution, a balanced budget must be submitted to the Governor by the end of this week. This will be done.
I am honored to serve as your Representative in the Missouri House of Representatives. I continue to support the Constitution, including our 2nd Amendment rights, I stand firm on Pro Life issues, and use Common Sense when it comes to controlling spending and taxes. I ask the Lord for daily guidance, to reject evil, and direct me in my decisions. Never hesitate to stop by my office at the Capitol in Room 201E or call me at (573) 751-0169 or email at