Local author publishes cookbook

'Do you have a cookbook?' This is one of the most sought out requests Kris Royer has received since she and her husband Gene opened the High Street Victorian Bed and Breakfast in Boonville. After years of hard work and perseverance, she managed to put her recipes together, try them out, change them and finally publish them in her first cookbook, 'INNspiring Breakfasts.' Royer began cooking at a very young age. When she was 14 she attended a school in Australia where she took a formal cooking class. She moved back to the United States and got married to her husband. A number of years after their arrival in Boonville in 2008 they decided to open up the bed and breakfast. She took what she had learned from her mother and in school, and used her talent to feed hungry guests who stayed the night at the bed and breakfast. Royer was not afraid of handing out recipes to guests who requested them. She was elated about sharing her hard work through trial and error and that people were throughly enjoying her food. "When people have written reviews about their stay here, they almost all talk about the food," Royer said. The guest would ask if she had a cookbook they could buy. At the time, the answer was no, which is why she would make copies of the requested recipe for the guests. Royer soon realized that she needed to put a cookbook together. She sent out inquiries to many publishers since she did not want to take the self publishing route. Rejection letter after rejection letter came in return. "I would receive letters back stating they do not publish unknown authors or well known cooks," Royer said. She realized publishing a cookbook was not going to be easy. While she was looking for a publisher, Royer started to polish her recipes. She took her large stack of recipes and made whatever changes were necessary to make the dish even better. Royer then sent out an inquiry to Rockinghorse Publishing. After waiting, she received a letter back and instead of another rejection letter, it was an acceptance letter. It stated they wanted to do a series of cookbooks starting with one focusing on breakfast. Royer and her husband got busy creating the meals and taking photos of them. "We had breakfast for supper for quite a while," Royer said. For the book itself, the forward was written by television and radio personality Karen Dye from Karen Dye Ministries. "A stay at the High Street Victorian Bed and Breakfast is an experience you will always remember. Breakfast is not an ordinary affair. It is served in a beautiful formal dining room on a table of linen with crystal, china, silver, candles and fresh flowers. During the day, the smell of something lovely is always enticing and fresh from the oven," Dye wrote. Royer said the cookbook focuses on scripture verses from the Bible, just like the cooking show she partook in for KNLJ Teleivison, another reason she wrote the cookbook. The cookbook launch is planned for a June 1 release at Barnes and Noble in Columbia. On June 15 Royer will sign copies at Cooper's Oak Winery at 12 p.m. Royer's cookbook will be available through Barnes and Noble, Amazon.com, Ingram Content Group and other locations. In Boonville, Royer will carry the book herself along with a number of places downtown. There are also some stores in Washington that plan to offer the book for sale. Royer said the expereince of publishing a book is very difficult and offers some advice from her own experiences. "For anyone who wants to publish a cookbook be prepared for a ton of work. It is not just writing a story. You have to make sure you are consistent throughout the book," Royer said. "You have to make sure your ingredients follow a certain order throughout." Royer said not to give up. be completed in mid-June.