Thousands of dollars awarded to BHS students

Over $456,000 in scholarships were awarded to Boonville High School students last night at the Boonville High School Commons during the Annual Awards Night Ceremony. Boonville High School Principal Jeff Brackman said he was very proud of the students who have worked so hard in their four or three years at the school. He said the money awarded last night is more than what was awarded last year and signifies a substantial amount of money the students do not have to pay themselves while furthering their education. Over $250,000 came from local donors, while the rest came from other colleges and corporate institutions.
"We really appreciate the local support for these scholarships. It is great to see the scholarship contributers come out and support the students," Brackman said.
It took almost two hours to hand out awards. Among the awards were the Presidential Academic Fitness Award was given to Richard Bell, Logan Esser, Lauren Friedrich, Tanner Green, Courtney Grissum, Haley Hilden, Ethan Kempf, Kristina Korte, Megan Kraus, Zachary Nixon, Kathryn Rodman and Zoe Root.  These students  received a 3.5 GPA based on seven semesters and a 26 or higher on their ACT. The Bright Flight Scholars Coordinating Board of Higher Education Scholarship was awarded to Tanner Green, Ethan Kempf, Megan Kraus and Kathryn Rodman.