McDonald’s remodel is underway

After many weeks of preparation, Boonville’s McDonalds is now undergoing remodeling construction. The drive through windows will be the first to be renovated followed with the construction of a second drive-through. The interior is set to be remodeled soon after the drive through windows are completed.
The process is expected to take six to eight weeks and the store will remain open for business, although some hours will be shortened.
“We are looking forward to a brand new look to refresh our building. It will have a more modern style and we can’t wait to impress our customers," McDonalds Store Manager Doug Hartman said.
 By adding a second drive-through, the wait time will be decreased but in order to make this happen, the Play Place had to be removed. Although it is upsetting for some families with young children, others seem to be okay with it.
“If people want to have fun on play grounds, there are many play grounds around the city,” said manager Celia Betz. “I am looking forward to more business and the new technology we will be getting to make our customers’ experience more enjoyable."
Sarah Lamb, a regular customer, disagrees with this decision.
“I have a young son and I have been trying to get him used to playing with other kids in the Play Place. We go to McDonalds more often than the city parks, so that is why I was upset to find out that there would no longer be a Play Place,” Lamb said.
The store will be remodeling their restrooms, the drink station and buying new kitchen equipment such as fryers. The outside will receive a completely updated look as well.
“I’ve seen the pictures of what the new store will look like, and I’m really impressed. I think it will attract more business and I’m excited,” McDonalds employee Jessi Matney said. “The Play Place has been there for decades and I think it was a good move forward to remove it."
The store plans to be completed in mid-June.