Grown man is adopted in Cooper County

For the second time in Cooper County's history a grown man was adopted.  On Wednesday Christophor Anderson was officially adopted at the age of 36 by Bunceton resident Gerald Ulrich. They felt is was time to make it official since the bond between the two had been like father and son for almost 20 years.
"I feel great," Anderson said. "He is a father to me, always has been since we met."
The story began when Anderson was in his late teens.
"I met Gene in 1994 after going to work for him. Then we started to hang out," Anderson said.
Anderson said he was always raised by older people for most of my life especially by his grandparents who are now deceased.  
The bond grew between the two since Ulrich was there for the important parts of Anderson's life.
"He was there for everything in my life except my graduation," Anderson said.
After Anderson's son was born, Ulrich became like a grandfather to him. Anderson said his son has always called him grandfather.
To make it official the two had to testify under oath in front of Cooper County Judge Keith Bail who asked many questions regarding the situation.
Since no close relatives were still living the adoption could move forward and after about 20 minutes it was official.
Anderson will take the last name of Ulrich in some form while also keeping his current last name.
"I feel like a new father," Ulrich said.
Ulrich is very excited that his name will also live on since he has no children of his own. They plan to do things just how they have done them for years, which included spending time together at the Lake of the Ozarks or at Ulrich's residence.