BPD to be enforcing litter control

The Boonville Police Department will be enforcing more vigorious littering laws this year. Boonville Police Chief Bobby Welliver said there is a problem, which needs to be addressed.
"I feel we have a problem with littering especially on the major roadways in the city and we just wanted the citizens to be aware that we will be conducting stronger enforcement on this issue and urge them to place their trash in proper receptacles," Welliver stated.
 People arrested for littering are usually given a citation to appear in either city or state court and can be fined  up to $500.00.
Welliver said people are more aware of the littering problem than before but said the littering problem has not changed.
"I think the town looks much nicer if there is no trash along our roadways when visitors come into our town and it makes Boonville look even better if the roadways stay free of litter," he stated.
 Welliver stated the BPD and citizens of Boonville just want people to dispose of their trash in a proper manner.
"We would also encourage any person who has information about illegal dumping or any type of littering to call our department with the information," he stated.