After taking off nearly a week since their last match, the Boonville Pirates golf team showed a little rust last night on the road in a triangular match at Tanglewood Golf Course in Fulton.
Although the Pirates had the meet medalist for the match, they finished third out of three teams behind both Eugene and Fulton.Eugene won the meet with a score of 168, followed by Fulton with a score of 172 and Boonville at 173.
Boonville golf coach Seth Pirtle said he felt like it was a positive match overall even though the Pirates lost team play. "It was the first time this season where we have had a dry and warm day to play," Pirtle said. "I believe that we have a very good chance of doing well in the NCMC Tournament on Wednesday. Brett Windsor shot amazing and the team did well and is finally coming together."
As the meet medalist for the match, sophomore Brett Windsor finished the day with an even par 36 with one birdie, seven pars and one bogey. Eric VanderLinden, meanwhile, finished the match with a 9-over par 45 with three pars, three bogeys and three others. Tanner Green and Clayton Lang each shot a score of 46, with Green finishing with one birdie, five bogeys and three others and Lang with one par, two bogeys and six others. Junior Morgan Johnston, meanwhile, had the throw out score with a 24-over par 60 with four bogeys and five others.
Jeremy Evers and Drew Geritz, both of Eugene, finished second in the meet with a 4-over par 40.