Boonville Fire Department’s quick response prevents major fire

A small apartment fire could have been much worse without the quick response from neighbors and the Boonville Fire Department according to Boonville Fire Chief Tim Carmichael. The fire, located at 749 Main Street Thursday at 6:44 p.m., boasted a large response from the fire department, Boonville Police Department, volunteer firefighters and Cooper County Sheriff's Department.
Carmichael said a tenant in a nearby apartment smelled smoke and called the fire department. When crews arrived they spotted a fire in the corner of a vacant apartment. According to Carmichael, the fire was most likely caused by a short in a wire near an entertainment center.
"The fire was so hot, it melted the nearby front of a window unit air conditioner and broke some windows," Carmichael said.
Throughout the time, heavy smoke could be seen coming out of the building. For one hour and 36 minutes the fire department battled the blaze and made sure it was extinguished.
Carmichael said the damage could had been much worse and even though it sustained moderate damage the structure of the building itself was not harmed.
"The walls and ceiling are quite black," he said.
The fire department also spent time getting smoke out of other apartments in the building.