Cooper County rivers under flood warning, including Missouri River

Cooper County keep rising after a line of thunderstorms blasted through the area throughout the night and Thursday morning. Cooper County Emergency Operations Center Director Tom White said the main concern are the low lying areas along the rivers and streams.
Cooper County Presiding Commissioner Eddie Brickner said they try to maintain signage to deter motorist from crossing the waters and clean up debris after the flooding has ceased.
"I hope everyone adheres to the signs that are placed when a road is covered in water," Brickner said.
"Common sense should prevail. If you cannot see the bottom, do not cross the road," Cooper County Western District David Booker said.
A flood warning for the Missouri River at Boonville was issued at 7:25 a.m. Thursday by the National Weather Service (NWS). At 6:30 a.m. Thursday, the stage was 12.5 feet with flood stage being 21 feet. According to the NWS forecasts, the river is expected to rise above flood stage by early Friday morning and continue to rise to near 28.3 feet by early Saturday morning. In perspective at 25 feet, numerous farm levees are overtopped. Flooding of agricultural land and secondary roads occurs. At 21 feet low lying rural areas along the river may flood.
A flood warning has also been issued for the Blackwater River near Blue Lick until further notice. According to the NWS At 6:45 a.m. on Thursday the river stage was  27.6 feet with flood stage being 24.0 feet. Currently minor flooding is occurring and moderate flooding is in the forecast. Forecasts suggests the river will continue rising until it crest near 33.5 feet by Saturday. Dangers of this flooding include overtopping the Missouri-Pacific Railroad tracks, flooding of pastures near the river and damage of cropland.
The Petite Saline Creek near Boonville is also under a flood warning until Sunday morning. At 6:30 a.m. Thursday the stage was at 17.6 feet, which is 1.5 feet above flood stage.
Currently minor flooding is occurring here and moderate flooding is in the forecast. The NWS state the river will continue rising to near 21.9 feet by early Friday afternoon. The river will fall below flood stage late Saturday morning. U Highway, south of Boonville is in danger of being flooded as the woodlands that surround the creek are already flooded.
The Lamine River near Otterville is expected to rise nine feet above its flood stage of 15 feet by Thursday evening. A flood warning is in effect until Saturday morning. Some gravel roads along the river will be in danger of being covered with water. Highway 135 is expected to be covered as the water rise near Clifton City.
Flash flood watches are currently in effect for the entire county through Thursday evening. The NWS states that between one to four inches of rain has fallen since yesterday in many surrounding areas. Because rain has already fallen on saturated ground many creeks and streams have overflowed their banks and several will continue to rise through the day. The NWS also states any additional rainfall will cause ongoing flooding to worsen. Many roads have been closed due to flooding and additional road closures are likely.
This is not the first occurrence of flooding this year, Brickner said earlier in the year a vehicle was stranded trying to cross a road, which was covered in water.