Gann, Smalley take their seats on Boonville R-1 School Board

Dr. Kristi Smalley and Dr. James Gann took their seats as the newest members to the Boonville R-1 School Board at the monthly meeting Wednesday evening. Outgoing members, Jeff Lammers and Brenda Campbell were given plaques for their service to the board by Boonville R-1 District School Board President Charlie Melkersman. Melkersman also thanked them for their service.

During the regular meeting numerous items were discussed including health care and salaries.

Health care was a large part of the discussion as prices will be increasing for the district, cutting into the pockets of the staff.

"I do not know at what point health care will go down? It probably never will," Boonville R-1 Superintendent Mark Ficken said.

Currently the district offers an HSA (Health Savings Account) or an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) plan through Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Ficken said they are trying to do what is best for the students and staff and said all plans are the same for all employees of the district.

The board voted to accept the insurance renewal for 2013-14. This will increases the district's contribution for employee health care from $359.72 per month to $368.80 per month, which is the cost of the HSA monthly premium. The total additional cost to the district for this increase is $21,792.

In further healthcare talk, the board decided to discontinuing the short and long term disability insurance.

After a salary freeze starting in 2010 and ending in 2012 the board unanimously voted to give the lost salary increases to all certified and non-certified staff.

Each year a step is awarded, which increases an individuals salary. Certified Staff will now receive their two past frozen steps,  one from May 2010 (2010-11) and one from May 2012 (2012-13). The current step for certified staff for the 2013-14 school year will not be given. This increase will add an additional cost $100,382 to the district.
Support staff will receive three steps on their salary schedules. One for May 2010 (2010-11), one for May 2012 (2012-13) and currently for May 2013 (2013-14). The district will add an additional cost of $57,902.

These increases only represent salary numbers and do not represent the extra cost such as insurance and taxes, which will add more costs.

In further news the board approved the BHS Student Handbook changes for 2013-14 school year.