Boonville Police Department releases 2012 statistics

Boonville-According to a release by the Boonville Police Department, the department made 3,968 traffic stops in 2012. Of those stops 1,143 were given a formal citation and 3,255 were given warnings.

The statement noted that some vehicle stops resulted in more than one citation or one warning per stop.

Of the 3,968 vehicles stopped in 2012, 2,336 were male drivers and 1,632 were female drivers. A breakdown of driver’s age at stop is as follows: 17 and under-159, 18-29-1,453, 30-39-702 and 40 and over-1,654.

"The Boonville Police Department is committed to keeping citizens safe in our community by enforcing traffic laws. By enforcing these laws the community will be much safer for both drivers and pedestrians," Boonville Police Chief Bobby Welliver stated. "Our officer’s will continue their efforts in traffic safety and I believe they are doing a great job. I believe the statistics show that officer’s are being fair and reasonable when conducting traffic stops."

The Boonville Police Department urges everyone to obey the traffic laws to help keep the community safe.