Now I'm not a real lovey - dovey person.  You won't catch me passing on sugary sentiments on Facebook or kissing babies.  So I shocked myself last week, when I was writing a welcome speech to the Western Central County Commissioners. I was just trying to share with them, how impressed I was on my first visit to Boonville, how I went back to Sedalia and told everyone about this great river town that had so much to offer. So there is was, on the paper in front of me in black and white, dripping with syrupy sentiment "I fell in love with Boonville".

Really is that important to share? Maybe they'll think I'm getting way too emotional in my advanced years.  So, I Googled it: “Is it important to Love Your Town?”  Turns out, according to a Gallup survey of 26 towns, yes it is. New research suggests when people “love” the culture of their towns, economic prosperity follows. In a three-year Gallup survey of 26 U.S. cities, researchers learned the communities with the highest levels of resident attachment (a person's passion for where he or she lives) also had the highest rates of economic growth over time.

Let me give you an example on a smaller scale. Say you were looking to join a church.  When you visit, the first person you meet hates the minister, thinks the music program is lacking, and that the pews are too hard and unattractive. Likely, you would look for a church home elsewhere.

Every town has its problems, but it’s important that we continue to be positive about Boonville's future.  This "Love Boonville" attitude will attach visitors, folks looking for a retirement or first home, business owners and entrepreneurs.  Make your positive voice heard above all the negative noise. One of the best ways to love Boonville is to participate in all it has to offer- Play Local, Shop Local, and Go Boonville!