Pilot Grove artist’s work to be showcased in Kansas City

Pilot Grove 2010 graduate Keith Young spent much of his childhood creating art. He was not like most of the other students who were involved with agriculture, he took a different path then most of the community of almost 800 people.  Young recently learned some of his works will be showcased at the Leedy Voulkos Art Center in Kansas City in mid April, a prestigious opportunity, and one he is very elated about.
"As an adolescent I knew I was an artist and would use crayons, paints, bedroom walls and anything else I could get my hands on to create works of art," Young said.
Young also said art was his outlet since he said he was not that good at sports.
Young said it was his family members and art instructors who recognized his talent and encouraged him to work bigger, use more color and to switch media time to time.
Young described his art as more collage-like and takes on different aspects based on the type of mood he is in.
"How I collage is how I rearrange the world as it is presented to me. It is a way of discussing life through an ever expanding collection of images and techniques. I search for ways to bridge the logical and illogical; to create spaces where elements that do not belong together, now somehow, do," Young said.
Young said he frequently experiments with materials by layering and piecing elements together in ways that are balanced and aesthetically pleasing.
"Collages that I have produced have all carried over themes into one another, whether through technique, repletion of imagery, or the application of color; yet, they are all distinguishable as separate works of art. I strive to have a strong sense of aesthetic and to do that one needs to understand the material. By recognizing what to use and when to use it will give the work substance and depth. Like most college students I am on a strict budget so therefore, I do rely on donations of all sorts," he said.
Young uses granite counter top samples, napkins, onion sacks, potato sacks, tissue paper, playing card, crossword pages, used bingo cards, paper towels, old prints, window screens, paper bags, string, newspaper clippings, toilet paper squares, bubble wrap, wall paper, clothes pins, paper doilies, tiles and buttons to construct his pieces.
"Mixed media is how I would describe my work because anything and everything is fair game to collage with. I honestly do believe I make trash beautiful and that is how I continue to build my extensive body of work," Young said.
While attending State Fair Community College, Young submitted his art on CD to Leedy Voulkos. He waited and waited for a response. Months went by.
"I got discouraged because it was taking so long and finally they emailed me back," Young said.
He found out his art was accepted and would be exhibited throughout the center.
"It's crazy. When you show your art at Leedy Voulkos, you are in your 50s or 60s. I am only 21," Young said.
Young said he does not plan to stop here, he plans to showcase his art on the coast as well.
"I would love to show in New York," Young said.
Leedy Voulkos is located at 2012 Baltimore Ave in Kansas City.