Local resident to help family affected by tragic accident

After witnessing the death of one of his closest friends, Brandon Gill of Bunceton, wants to give back to the Donny Thurman family that had given him so much. Gill plans to help the Thurman family in any way he can by donating the money he makes from doing jobs around the county.
Gill said Thurman was more like a father to him, one who taught him everything about how to be a good, productive young man. Gill has worked for the Thurman family since his teenage years.
"He taught me about loyalty, hard work and about a man's word, which makes a man a good person," Gill said.
The one thing Gill remembers about Thurman was the advice he would tell him, such as not letting the concrete work him, he should work the concrete. Gill remembers the Thurman family as like his mentors, very good workers who are always kind.
"He did everything," Gill said. "They knew how to help people out."
Gill said he will do any work an individual needs since he is gifted in most any construction line of work.
"I am a jack of all trades, a master at none," Gill said. "I do have the means and know how to do anything."
For questions regarding Gill's services, please contact 660-888-0153.