Cooper County garners 17 percent voter turnout

Cooper County experienced a higher than expected voter turnout on Tuesday.
Among the issues on the ballot was an Out of State 'Use Tax'. This tax passed with 59 percent of the vote, with 1,001 voting for and 691 voting against.

"I'm sure that Cooper County elected officials join the Commissioners in thanking Cooper County voters for voting "Yes" on the Out-of-State Use Tax ballot issue. Passage of the Use Tax will help restore the County Budget, by once again requiring the 1.75 percent local tax to be collected on the Cooper County registration of vehicles and boats purchased out of state.
The Use Tax will also help "level the playing field" for Cooper County merchants, by eliminating the unfair tax advantage previously held by out of state merchants. The fact that the Use Tax also passed by large margins in Howard, Morgan, Moniteau, and Randolph Counties shows that mid-Missouri voters recognize the need to maintain healthy county budgets, so that vital services such as law enforcement, 911 dispatching, and road maintainence can be provided to the citizens." Cooper County Eastern District Commissioner Paul Davis said.
The Boonville Ward Three race between Councilman Hayes Murray and Becky Ehlers ended with Ehlers winning 57 percent of the vote.
In the uncontested ward one race, Steve Young won 100 percent of the vote. In wards two and four, Boonville City Councilmen Noah Heaton and Morris Carter ran unopposed for their council seat.
Dr. James Gann and Kristi Smalley were elected to the Boonville R-1 School board, replacing Brenda Campbell and Jeff Lammers as they did not seek re-election. In an interview prior to the election Gann said he wants to see a collaborative effort between a number of education providers in town. Smalley said she wants to make sure the students are getting a good and firm education.
Three people were elected to the Cooper County Public Health Board, they included Cynthia Waller, Patty Dick and Harold Hombs. Brad Wooldridge will once again serve the City of Boonville at the City Attorney.
School Board races
Pilot Grove C-4 School District-Earl Haller (33.9 percent) and Jenny Lorenz (29.45 percent).
Blackwater R-II School District-Eric Harvey (40.71 percent) and Scott Schuster (33.57 percent).
Bunceton R-IV School District-Anthony Daddex (33.89 percent) and Debbie Layne (35.16 percent).
Prairie Home R-V School District-Donald Simmons (43.16 percent) and Kathleen Kendrick (33.87 percent).
Smithton R-VI School District-Jason Brown (50 percent) and Eric Homan (28.57 percent).
California R-1 School District-Paul Bailey (50 percent) and Rhonda Meyer (50 percent).
Councilman at Large races
Blackwater Councilman at Large-Shelby Hendrix (50 percent) and Tim Pemberton (50 percent).
Otterville Councilman at Large-James Zumsteg (38.2 percent) and Cheryl Albin (24.71 percent).
Pilot Grove Councilman at Large-Larry Day (37.64 percent) and Dennis Knipp (33.82 percent).
Pilot Grove Councilman at large-Sandy Meisenheimer (54.21 percent).
Council races
Bunceton Ward Two-Angela Jobe
Prairie Home East Ward-David Borghardt
Prairie Home West Ward-Kevin Small
Mayor races
Pilot Grove Mayor-Darell Eckerle
Prairie Home Mayor-Donald Lohse
Trustees races
Village of Wooldridge Trustees-Elizabeth Vollrath (33.33 percent), Jeff Vollrath (33.33 percent) and Colleen Boorn (33.33 percent).